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Zoë Jordan
Zoë Jordan draws from a childhood immersed in the world of motor racing with adventures across the globe and a life lived in New York, Dublin, Andalucia, Hong Kong and her hometown of London, where her studio is immersed in the heart of Chelsea. With an in-depth knowledge of architectural discipline and years as a fast paced bond trader – Zoë is an unusual fashion creative with a fresh spin and objective view on what women want to wear. A love of contemporary art and textures informs her tactile, lyrical and relevant collections.
Zoë’s design style focuses on clean lines, fresh palettes, and boyish elegance. Integral to the collections is the art of contrasts: balancing the androgynous with the feminine; the structured with the effortless; and the classical with the modern. Luxurious fabrics are sourced from the finest European mills and leather details are threaded through out. Like the collection, the Zoë Jordan girl embodies subtle sophistication with natural confidence, wit and spirit.

No.4 Rossetti Studios
72 Flood Street

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