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Estethica Criteria

 Shirt  by Emesha, Skirt by Henrietta Ludgate, Necklace by Hotel of Things

Jacket by RDK rubber, Dress by Ada Zandition, Mask (worn around neck) Dr Noki, Boots by Terry De Haviland, Earrnigs by Joanna Cave

Jacket by Christopher Raeburn, Crop top by From Somewhere, Earrings by Joanna Cav


  • Applicants who wish to be considered for estethica should take into consideration our guidelines. (Developed in collaboration with Allanna McAspurn, Made-By and Burak Cakmak, Vice President of Corporate responsibility at Swarovsky)
  • Applicants can be based anywhere in the world.
  • Applicants should have a business and would normally be expected to have a minimum of two stockists.
  • The collection should consist of womenswear or accessories.

Phase One

Application Process
Pre Vetting

  • Designers are asked to fill out the Esethica application form. Applications are now closed.
  • Once an applicant has completed the application form online, this will be reviewed and the candidate will be notified by email whether the application has been accepted.
  • No samples should be submitted at this stage

Phase Two


  • Designers are asked to fill out the Estethica questionnaire pop-up section; they should submit any relevant information on the sustainable credentials of the label, as well as 5 images from previous collections and current stockists.
  • Applicants will be asked to submit up to five samples from their current collection, which will be considered alongside the estethica questionnaire.
  • If further information is required, the candidate will be asked to submit further details such as certifications etc or fill a more in depth questionnaire.
  • Following the vetting, all successful designers will be notified by email.

Additional information

  •  A panel of judges is selected each season from our advisory board and our partners; it includes representatives from the media, buyers and leading experts in the sustainable fashion field.


All imagery from the Estethica Review, edited by Jessie Brinton. Read here.

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